Join us for our eleventh annual webinar series about nuclear waste in Canada.

Each year, this series explores important topics about nuclear waste in Canada with a focus on the generation, transportation and proposed burial of highly radioactive nuclear fuel waste.
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Week 1 “Canada Update 2023: Nuclear Waste & the NWMO”

Thursday, February 9th, 7 pm Register HERE

Week 2 “Nuclear Neighbours“

Thursday, February 16, 7 pm, Register HERE

Week 3 “International Update“

Wednesday, February 22, 12 noon, Register HERE

Week 4 “Plutonium: How Nuclear Power’s Dream Fuel Became a Nightmare“

Tuesday, February 28, 7 pm, Register HERE

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The following workshops have been provided as on-line webinars. In most cases, an "in-person" workshop is also available, on-request and dependent on the presenter's availability. Contact us for more information about available workshops and speakers.


Canada Update 2022: Nuclear Waste & the NWMO 
View the recording HERE

Informed and Unwilling: Close Up on NWMO Candidate Sites
View the recording HERE

Radioactive Waste: The Next Generation
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Wednesday, February 23 @ 7 pm EST
Hot Potatoes:Repackaging Radioactive Wastes

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Canada Update 2015 on Nuclear Waste
An overview and update on the Nuclear Waste Management Organization's efforts to site a deep geological repository for high level nuclear fuel waste and its program and activities in the 13 communities being studied as possible burial sites

Radiation's Health Effects
Presenter Dr. Cathy Vakil, M.D., Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment and Physicians for Global Survival, will discuss the negative health effects of ionizing radiation that is generated at each stage of the nuclear chain - from uranium mining through to the tens of thousands of years that nuclear fuel waste remains hazardous.

Nuclear Risk: Calculating the Incredible
Presenter Shawn-Patrick Stensil, a nuclear analyst with Greenpeace Canada, will debunk the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission’s (CNSC) approach to risk assessment.

Emergency Planning in the Nuclear Age
Presenter Theresa McClenaghan, Executive Director and Senior Counsel with the Canadian Environmental Law Association, will discuss the importance of emergency planning, preparedness and response and how Ontario is unprepared for a major nuclear accident.


Nuclear Waste: Canada Update 2014
Join us for an on-line workshop to share news, information and community updates about Canada's nuclear waste program and the nuclear industry's search for a burial site for all of Canada's high level nuclear fuel waste.

The Nuclear 3'R's - Reprocessing, Recycling and the Nuclear Renaissance
Why "reprocessing" nuclear wastes increases hazards and creates problems rather than solving them.  Presentation by Dr. Gordon Edwards, President, Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility, with discussion to follow. 

Getting the Shaft: Nuclear Waste Repository Design
Still in the early stages of their search for a "willing" community in which they may construct an underground repository for all of Canada's high level nuclear waste, the Nuclear Waste Management Organization has been operating a "technical program" for a number of years. This webinar will include a broad overview of the NWMO "research" program, with a closer look at some key aspects of the NWMO repository design. Presentation by Save Our Saugeen Shores research Pat Gibbons. 

Keep It Up! Alternatives to Deep Burial of Nuclear Waste
While deep burial of nuclear waste has been the nuclear industry's objective since the 1970s, other countries, organizations, and international bodies have other ideas. Kevin Kamps from Beyond Nuclear (USA) will discuss Hardened On-Site Storage as an alternative means of increasing security for high level nuclear fuel waste. 
(Click on links for backgrounders by Northwatch on extended storage and by Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility onRolling Stewardship and Beyond Nuclear on Hardened On-Site Storage)

Monday, March 3rd
Nuclear Waste: International Update 2014
One of the Canadian nuclear industry's persuasion strategies is to describe their plan to bury nuclear waste as being in-step with international norms - "everybody's doing it!". Our international panel will provide a summary of where the nuclear waste program is actually at in the U.S.A, United Kingdom and Sweden. Presenentation by Mary Olson, Nuclear Information Research Service, USA, Pete Roche, Nuclear Waste News Service, UK, and Dr. Johan Swahn, MGB, Sweden. 
2013 Series 


Nuclear Waste: Top Ten Things to Know
An introduction and overview of nuclear waste issues in Canada: where the waste comes from, why it is a problem, what the nuclear industry is proposing, and key issues related to the transport and burial of highly radioactive nuclear waste. This workshop provides basic information, as an introduction to the topic of nuclear waste in Canada and as background for other workshops in the series.

Safe by What Standard? How nuclear facilities are regulated in Canada
This workshop provided an overview of how nuclear facilities are regulated in Canada, and includes information about how nuclear-related risks are calculated, what standards and regulations are based on,  how the rules for protecting the public and environment from radiation are developed, and how security risks are regulated. (sorry - no archived version is available)

Burying Trouble: Deep Geological Repositories for Nuclear Waste
Many countries, including Canada, are considering burying highly radioactive nuclear waste deep underground. This workshop will describe some of the common elements of these proposals, briefly describe several countries' proposals, and identify some of the outstanding technical challenges. The workshop provides background information for the final workshop in the series.

Judging Geological Repositories: How Different Countries Evaluate Nuclear Waste Burial  Proposals
In the lingo of nuclear waste burial, the "safety case" is the technical explanation of why a particular design in a particular rock formation will actually contain the radioactive wastes for a predicted period of time. This workshop will compare how different countries intend to assess the ability of a proposed deep geological repository to contain the nuclear hazards over time.

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