A public interest information project about nuclear waste burial in Canada.

Know Nuclear Waste 

NWMO began touring their nuclear waste transportation display in 2014. The display is a full sized replica of a 1987 transport design by Ontario Hydro, re-certified by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission in ~2013 without public review.

Transportation of nuclear fuel waste will come with its own set of hazards and risks. The practice is relatively unknown in Canada, and the few incidents of highly radio-active nuclear fuel waste being transported in Canada are not comparable to the frequency and volume of transportation that would be required to move all of Canada's nuclear fuel waste to a single location. There are risks of accident, but there are also concerns with the transport of the fuel under "normal" conditions

The Nuclear Waste Management Organization produced four technical papers on transportation of nuclear fuel waste while developing their proposal, but none of these papers address issues of radioactive releases and exposures associated with the transportation of nuclear fuel waste.