NWMO in Southwestern Ontario

The NWMO has produced numerous reports on their investigations in the South Bruce area, including:

NWMO Reports related to their "Step Three, Phase 2" investigations in South Bruce are HERE

NWMO reports which are available through the NWMO web site can be found HERE

NWMO's 2005 "Choosing a Way Forward" Final Report is found HERE

NWMO's 2010 "Process for Selecting a Site ..." is found HERE

NWMO's Community Liaison Committee in South Bruce is found HERE


Teeswater area, southwestern Ontario

A land of rolling hills and scenic roads, the Teeswater area has strong agricultural roots – it is home to Gay Lea Foods Co-operative and Ontario Goat Co-operative  - and farming, fresh food, and a rich history are deeply rooted.

The Nuclear Waste Management Organization has now focused their investigation of potential burial sites for all of Canada's high level nuclear fuel waste on two remaining areas: the Revell Lake area, 45 kilometres west of Ignace, in northwestern Ontario, and an area just north of Teeswater in the Municiaplity of South Bruce in southwestern Ontario. 

A public interest information project about nuclear waste burial in Canada.

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